"Stephen established an excellent rapport with my son (not an easy task!). A structured revision structure for the syllabus and a graphical 'aid memoire' for key facts. Best of all, it worked! Wholeheartedly recommended"











Student Testimonials

Thank you so much for everything you did for them both to up Yasmin's grade for a predicted C to an A and Hannah's from a U to a C, you worked miracles with the pair of them.  I know having the 2 of them bickering in sessions was a challenge but it worked out better than we could have hoped. Thank you again; if anyone wants references, feel free to refer them to me!  Best regards J.A. Bolton
It has been a huge pleasure studying psychology with Mr Renwick this year. He made me love the subject as he teaches in a very motivating and dedicated way. i think he is an excellent teacher and made me achieve a good A level in one year and most importantly made me love psychology.
Luci, Rome

"Steve is dedicated to making sure you know your stuff for the exams, it's extremely encouraging to know that someone understands how to ensure your success. Steve is great to get along with and despite the less than adequate jokes, manages to keep you motivated through the entire revision process! Thanks Steve!" Alex
Pass Psychology helped me get the grades I needed to get into my first choice university, I was struggling so much with psychology and Steve showed me everything I needed to do. I would recommend him to anyone. Alfie, Cheadle.
I have to give a massive thank you to Steve for all the work he's done to help me achieve my target grade in psychology A2 of a C compared to the U I had previously, it was always a pleasure to be tutored by him and the occasional corny joke, all the best - Miles

Steve was a great help to my daughter who was struggling with psychology A Level and on the verge of giving up. He used different techniques and alternative cases to what was being taught in school which gave a different outlook on the subject. 

I would recommend Steve and would use his tuition services again if ever needed. Mrs L. Macclesfield


Steve is an excellent tutor. He really helped me develop my understanding of the subject, with which i was struggling before. Due to his help i felt ready to give the exam and his teaching techniques helped me retain information during the exam. 
Without his help i wouldn't have had the skills and the confidence to get a good grade in psychology. He is great to get along with as he is witty and makes you comfortable during the lesson. Thanks for your help, Steve.
Mr. S Manchester

"Massive thanks to Steve for helping me this year, would have been lost without him! Grades have gone from E's to B's, Very friendly and a fantastic teacher", thanks again - James. Manchester
"Steve is an excellent tutor as he was able teach me in a way that helped me to develop my understanding of the topics in a fast amount of time and also was able to retain a great deal of this information through his teaching techniques so that I fully understood each topic that we covered and helped me feel prepared for my exams".

5 stars!!
Miss. E. Manchester 
"If it wasn't for Stephen, I would have not even had the chance to pass GCSE Psychology. He is an excellent teacher. Stephen helped me understand all the topics and studies in more depth and that gave me a much clear understanding on psychology and made the topics very interesting".
Miss L.B. Manchester
"Hi Steve,
Thank you again for everything, you taught me so much, not just what's on the specification but what exactly how to get my point across and get the maximum marks, such a great person and you make learning less of a chore and more interesting!
Thank you again...."
C. A.
"Tuition was very helpful, I was able to learn a weeks worth of work in an hour, where I could produce detailed notes and answer exam style questions. Lessons are assessed and monitored by past paper questions given and marked straight away. Support was available all the time, if I needed to ask questions or had any issues. Lessons helped me gain in confidence and become more relaxed in the lead up to my exam, as I felt I knew both content and background of my subject". 
Lauren, Newcastle.
 (10/10) I started tuition about 3 months before my final A2 Psychology exams. The lessons were enjoyable, and Stephen made it easy to understand by breaking topics down into bits. My Psychology Unit 3 grade went from an E to an A when I re-sat them after tuition! I was also able to achieve a B (1 mark off an A) in my Psychology Unit 4 exam. Thank you so much for all the help, I most definitely recommend pass-psychology.
Miss R - West Midlands

Testimonial for Stephen Renwick.


Stephen tutored my son for 8 months of his GSCE year in 2011-12.  It was a great benefit that Stephen came to our home for the sessions.  He was always punctual, he was also flexible and understanding.  Stephen has a kind, relaxed manner so he and my son quickly developed a great working relationship.  Stephen appreciated my son’s attention span and broke up the 1-2 hour sessions accordingly.  Usually punctuated with refreshments, chit-chat and teabag throwing contests which became a source of competition and entertainment for my son.  Stephen engaged my son in a revision plan set out as a mind map which helped my son to visualize the task ahead and his progressive achievement through the 8 months.  Stephen was happy to revise any subject with my son.  He successfully encouraged my son to use past papers in order to practice exam technique.  Probably the greatest achievement was that Stephen instilled confidence in my son.  I would have no hesitation recommending Stephen in this role as GCSE revision tutor.

 Dr S. L


I worked with Steve on my gap year as i was aiming for a C in psychology. He helped me refresh my knowledge on py3 and py4 aswell as marked my essays and added feedback which was useful for revision. I ended up getting a B which i was really pleased about.
Liz, South Manchester. 16.8.15
Other feedback
  • Miss M (5/5) After receiving a lower grade than expected in AS psychology, my auntie suggested getting a tutor and I am so glad I took her advice! Steve's friendly chatty time made psychology more enjoyable and interesting. Steve went through the specification with me and exam questions were made simple and easy to answer by using the techniques that he taught me. I felt like I was improving each session by him setting different tests or targets. Steve turned him up on time every week and because of him I have just confirmed a place at University, thankyou!

 Reply from Stephen: I loved the tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits every saturday morning. We had fun, worked hard and got the results! Well done.



  • Ellie (5/5) Hi Steve, I received my exam results today, and got 3 B's. This was what I needed to get into York University so I am very pleased. I got a B overall in psychology but I got an A grade in the retake so I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help and support with this exam, I couldn't have done it without you.

    Thank you for giving me your help and advice!

Reply from Stephen: That's brilliant. I knew you were nervous but you pulled through in the end. Well done! 



  • Andy (5/5) Hi Steve, Got ABB in my A levels with a B in psychology. Thanks very much for your help this year. It was definitely with it.

 Reply from Stephen: Excellent work, well done!



  • Hannah (5/5) Online via Skype: I was tutored at A2 level just before my final exams, the sessions proved highly helpful and I felt much more confident in my exams. The tutor sessions were relaxed yet still very informative and fitted to my needs as a student. Would recommend to any student wanting to reach the higher grades.
Reply from Stephen: You were a very dedicated student who worked really hard and had plenty of knowledge about psychology. I wish you all the best and was glad I could help. Good luck in august. 
  • Phillip (10/10): Biggest thing you always had was patience. I struggled a lot with it and it took me a fair while to really grasp such an academic subject. But with your patience and persistence, giving me time and options in ways of learning to get the information properly, I learned so much which has really benefited with the exams.
Reply from Stephen: It was my pleasure to help you with your psychology and wish you the best for your counselling course and your future career. Thanks
  • Shervin (5/5): Just fantastic!


Reply from Stephen: Thanks very much, you worked really hard and stayed focused. All the best for the future.

  • Tanya (9/10): Stephen went through things I was unsure about and broke it down which gave me a better understanding compared to in the classroom. He set my essays and tests every week on what I had done.
Reply from Stephen: Thanks Tanya, I wish you all the success in your academic career and at University.
  • Hannah's Mum (5/5): Stephen was excellent and gave Hannah a better and more structured approach to her coursework enabling her to rapidly acquire new material and more pro- active revision skills. Stephen was meticulous and thorough guiding Hannah through her learning revisiting and testing for acquired knowledge. He related very well to Hannah who felt at ease and she increasingly gained more confidence both in herself and her overall psychology skills. Thanks for the help and at such short notice. We await the results which I am sure through Stephen's help will now be much more positive!


Reply from Stephen: That's great, I wish Hannah all the success in the world. Than you.

  • Anita (10/10): Really good lessons, learned a lot in such a short time and it built up my confidence. Thank you.
Reply from Stephen: My pleasure to help you, education is very important in life, well done.
  • Lindsay (9/10): Stephen explained the topics that hadn't been properly explained to me before and they went into more depth.


Reply from Stephen: You have worked and revised really hard, all the best for the exam. It was a pleasure for me to tutor you.

  • From Kevin (10/10): The tuition helped with understanding the topics and memorizing the materials. 


Reply from Stephen: Over the past 1.5 years I have really enjoyed being your tutor and wish you well at University. 

  • From Jessica (10/10): The tuition was a big help, thanks so much, I don't know where I would have been without it.


Reply from Stephen: Thanks for the positive feedback, it was a pleasure to help you with your psychology studies. Good luck at University. 

  • From James (5/5): This session was helpful for mem and I learnt several revision techniques and strategies that would help me take in information more easily and got more of an idea on how to structure an essay.

 Reply from Stephen: Glad I could help. looking forward to our next session 
  • From Jordan (5/5): My son thought Stephen was great, although we only used him for a short time he felt he learned a lot and clarified what had been taught in school. We will contact Stephen again in September.

 Reply from Stephen: Thanks very much, it was a pleasure to help your son. 
  • From Melissa (5/5): The tuition I received made such a difference, having someone there to answer my questions and to help me understand the theories in more depth. Without this I would have been lost. Thanks Steve.
 Reply from Stephen: No problem, it was a pleasure to help you with your psychology studies. Well done!
  • From Alex (5/5): I had never tried Skype tuition before, but it was very helpful. It's great to have someone there who can explain things and this really helped with my research methods and designs module. Thanks again.
 Reply from Stephen: Everyone I tutor has the potential and its a pleasure to help them grow and reach their grades. All the best for University.
  • From Callum (9/10): It was good to have a tutor that was keen, reliable and motivating. Stephen helped me with understanding different perspectives, essay writing and exam techniques. I am now at uni and will be using him again.
 Reply from Stephen: I enjoyed being your tutor and glad I can help you. Well done with getting a grade B.

  • From James B 8.5/10): I had heard of NLP from Tony Robbins books but never really tried it out for myself or in a business capacity. Stephen has a great depth of psychological knowledge and is able to apply these tools to the business arena. I run my advertising agency so the key is to be able to portray a message to the customers. Stephen helped our business to improves its advertising campaigns. Thanks again. 
 Reply from Stephen: James, no problem, I love using psychology to improve any area of life and really enjoyed helping you create all the adverts  that we did.
  • From Emma (9/10): After getting used to Skype tuition it was fine and I looked forward to my tuition sessions. It helped me understand the debates and research methods in more detail and gave me more confidence in the exam.
 Reply from Stephen: Skype is great as it means you can learn from anywhere in the world and its free. Well done in your exam. All the best for  University.
  • From Andrew (10/10): I was extremely pleased with the support offered from Stephen. He adhered to everything he said he would. extremely efficient and thorough with his support. He went out of his was by posting stuff and emailing. I would definitely recommend him. He was professional and dealt with my struggles effectively and explained things in a way that was easily understood.
 Reply from Stephen: Glad I could help you Andrew, all the best for the future.
  • From Stephen (10/10): Stephen established an excellent rapport with my son (not an easy task!). a structured revision structure for the syllabus and a graphical 'aid memoire' for key facts. Best of all, it worked! wholeheartedly recommended.  
 Reply from Stephen: It was a pleasure, your son worked very hard and deserved the grade B he achieved. Well done!
  • From Adam (10/10): Just to let you know I got 92% on research methods and 90% on my other re-sit, my teachers thinks I am on target for an a*. 
 Reply from Stephen: That's brilliant, well done. All your hard work paid off.
  • From Adam (10/10): The tuition was really helpful, thanks.
 Reply from Stephen: No problem, it was a pleasure to be your tutor. Good luck in the exam.
  • From Andrew (9/10): The revision helped me with understanding the studies and essay skills.
 Reply from Stephen: Anytime, although our time was brief I was glad it helped.
  • From Matthew (10/10): What you did for my son was brilliant, before tuition he was thinking of dropping the subject but now wants to keep studying psychology. Thanks so much. 
 Reply from Stephen: Your son worked very hard to catch up with his revision, he deserves to do really well. Glad I could help.
  • From Anita (10/10): Thank you, that really helped, brilliant!
 Reply from Stephen: No problem, you're welcome.