Stephen Renwick was a former ITF world ranked tennis player, reaching top 800 in singles and top 300 in doubles seniors. He has been actively invloved in sports from the age of 7 and travelled world wide competing. He reversed type 2 diabetes, lost over 2.5 stones and now leads a highly active life and loves HIIT training, sports and psychology. He is an author of 4 books and wrote his Masters thesis on the impact exercise has on psychologcial well-being. 

Stephen has coached people in sport, business and life for over a decade including professional athletes and business people. Stephen's philosophy of practice is a humanistic one, focusing on you and your life as a whole. Stephen offers peak performance coaching for sports, business and life.  Stephen is embarking on the BASES probationary sport and exercise scientist (specialising in psychology) program from November 2018.

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